Used Car Engines – Are they Safe to Install?

Why Install a Used Car Engine?

If you happen to fall into the unfortunate circumstances of having your car engine fail, you have a couple of choices. You can buy another car (if it’s in your budget) or you can look for another used engine. And depending on your financial circumstances, buying a used engine can be cost effective and still provide reliable transportation.

Installing a used car engine is much like buying a used car, however, it’s less expensive and you can avoid the pushy salesperson. When you make the choice to buy a used engine, you can keep your beloved car and simply replace the failing part with one that works! Similar to buying a used car, when you buy a used engine, there will be pros and cons. Try to stay positive!

Before you think that you have to buy a new engine, consider information about used engines. And, whether or not you choose to install a used engine, you need to examine your budget and your ability to step outside your comfort level.

It’s very important that you know how to choose a reliable used car engine. You may want to bring along a trusted friend, one who has a keen knowledge of cars and engines, to help you with your selection. Further, you want to do your homework–do your research!

Save Money

Purchasing a reliable used engine will save you a lot of money. As long as you make an informed choice, your used engine will work just as well as a new one. Just think: if you get your car working for hundreds of dollars less, you will already have come out ahead.

Moreover, think of all the stress you can alleviate knowing that you can keep your car running with a limited amount of hassle. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Desperation never made a good bargain.” If you’re so worried about having a running car that you decide to buy another car instead of choosing a used engine that will do the job, you’re incurring more expenses and perhaps, a lemon.

It’s odd to think that a car owner might want to buy another used car instead of simply buying a used engine for the otherwise fine working car! If you can familiarize yourself with the components of an engine and what makes it reliable, you’re doing yourself a favor.

Save the Environment

Did you know that by installing a used or “recycled” engine, you are making a positive and lasting impact on the environment. You’ve heard of “reduce, reuse, recycle.” Installing a used engine or motor means there will be one less engine in the junkyard or landfill. Therefore, not only are you saving money, you are saving the planet.

Installing a used car engine helps the environment, because you are recycling an engine and using it as long as you can before it dies. And as you can imagine, many engines are disposed of simply because the individual had no idea of whether or not the engine could be fixed. Instead of watching a car engine wither away and rust, recycling the engine by repairing and using it for as long as you can is an effective way to lessen your environmental impact.

Save Yourself Headaches by Finding a Reliable Mechanic

Since the engine is the most important part of any car, if it doesn’t work well, nothing else really matters. The used engine you install as a replacement for the broken one must be reliable. Before you install a used engine, be sure to have it inspected by a mechanical expert you trust.

If you plan to install a new engine, then find a mechanic who knows about new engines. And as you probably could imagine, many of the mechanic shops you visit are going to recommend you install a new engine. However, you will also find automotive shops that know about saving you money and the environment, and they will be happy to recommend, and be able to inspect, a used engine.

A few last words

Some of the things that auto mechanics look for in a used engine are as follows:

  • Low miles
  • Previous repairs
  • Warranty

If you’re lucky enough to purchase a used engine with a warranty or a used transmissions, you can feel comfortable when you have a problem. However, in the long run, purchasing and installing a used engine just makes good sense. You may never go back.