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Used and Rebuilt Engines for Sale

Are you looking for a replacement or used engine for your car or truck? Talk to one of our automotive engine professionals in the United States – LIVE! Our skilled employees have many years of experience and extensive knowledge about the automotive and replacement parts business. They are more than happy to assist you with locating an automotive engine you are looking for – today! If you are looking for a high-performance engine or a small engine – diesel or gas – we can help you find the right one; for a car or a truck.

Here, at, our top priority if helping you locate the used or rebuilt motor for your car or truck, in a timely manner. That is why, when you contact us, you will talk to someone – live – a real person, and he or she will assist you with finding just the right engine. If you have any questions, he or she will be able to answer them for you as well. We believe in excellent customer service!

At, we have a large inventory and it changes every day. So, to find the greatest deals, and the most current pricing, you might want to contact our automotive engine professionals directly at: 1-866-320-1065. We provide you with a free quote, in addition to focused, stress-free service.

You can also visit and obtain a quote through our Submission Box that says, “Get Your Engine Below”, located at the top of the page. To make sure you get the right engine, contact us at our number (above). We want you to be completely satisfied with your automobile motor. We want to make sure you received the best price as well.

Here is what happens when you call and talk with our automotive engine representatives:

Current -- up-to-date pricing – inventory changes daily.

  • Inventory changes every day – current up-to-date pricing.
  • Extensive answers about mileage and history of each engine.
  • Personalized customer service – HASSLE-FREE.
  • The PRECISE engine you require. Each type of vehicle has a different type of motor, so if you have the VIN # available, we can locate the right engine even faster.
  • A summary of our fast, dependable shipping alternatives. We have a wide-ranging system comprised of top manufacturers, wholesalers and vendors in the motor vehicle market for parts/engines, which allows us to find the precise engine you are looking for. If the right engine in not in our wide-ranging system, we will still locate the one you need, in a quick and easy manner.

We guarantee each customer will receive the following:

  • Talk with a LIVE automotive engine expert to locate the motor you require.
  • A FREE QUOTE on the price of workable used engines – or rebuilt/remanufactured – working motors.
  • Locate engines for any type of vehicle, no matter what the make and model is, which includes American-made cars or trucks, foreign-made automobiles and older vehicles.
  • Fast, personable service.
  • Speedy, reliable shipping.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Online services when our office is closed through our online Search Engine via our website.

We serve many customers – auto dealers, service station business individuals and hobbyists – auto restore people – auto builders and so forth. We consider our shop and One-Stop place to buy an engine. We have manufactured, as well as used, engines, even those that might be hard to locate.

We also have a related website, where we sell transmissions, at So, if you are looking for a reliable transmission, you are sure to locate what you are searching for by visiting our sister site.

We have rebuilt and used auto engines for sale for almost any type of vehicle, so you won’t need to spend hours of time calling all over the place to find one. Nearly all the engines come with a warrantee – at least a 6-month warrantee, however, we provide much longer warrantees time-frames. Each engine comes complete, except for accessories, which might include:

  • Alternator
  • AC Accessories
  • Starter, etc.
  • We can locate exactly what you are looking for, all with one stop – no need to look elsewhere, and you will receive your free quote in less than a minute.

    We want to Thank You for visiting our site. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find the right engine for your car or truck!

    Who We Are

    We consider our company and online website a virtual superstore and a One-Stop shop. Our staff is sociable and responsive, and proficient in the automotive engine industry. Our specialty is locating high-quality motors, used or rebuilt, for cars, vans, pickups, motorbikes, auto parts manufacturers, automobile motor shops, automobile recycling companies/individuals, commercial autos, and so forth – workable and dependable engines.

    We have many years of experience in this field, and throughout that time, we have developed many quality relationships with our clientele and our auto engine dealers. Such relationships have brought us many customers and have added to our success in the automotive engine industry. After many years in this field, we have collected a wide array of engines in the aftermarket industry and have numerous places to locate them – all within our extensive database.

    Our wide-ranging network of motor distributors is how we locate the right engines for each of our customers, quickly. We understand how stressful it can be when you need an engine – like yesterday – and we work diligently with and for you, so that you do not need to go through all the stress. Whatever make or model you have, we will help you locate it – Ford, Chevy, etc. We even locate the tough-to-locate kinds of engines, such as a high quality, complete crate motor, for example. (Crate engines normally come completely assembled and are shipped in crates.)

    Regarding locating an engine, we are here to help you with all you require, even after you receive your used or rebuilt motor – we have your back! If anything happens, we will help resolve any issues that might occur. If you are unhappy with your purchase, we will even fight for you and get you refunded if necessary.

    Ultimately, we want you to be completely satisfied with our company, our service, and your automobile engine. Therefore, we work diligently to make sure you get exactly what you need, and for a reasonable price too. We deliver all the data we have on hand on the motor you need, so you will be able to make a well-informed decision. On selected used or remanufactured parts, we provide a warrantee as well.

    Also, if you ever needed to file a claim, we make certain the warrantee is honored. In addition, our wide-ranging database of used or rebuilt engine distributers, we have our own system of quality remanufactured engines that we can send to you quickly.

    Doesn’t it feel great to know that we have you covered, in all aspects?

    Contacting Us Via Our Customer Service Division

    As we have mentioned before, you can see that we have an extensive online shop. We have a blog too – our engines blog! Each piece of content discusses auto repair tips, vehicle-purchasing suggestions and professional concepts from skilled and trained mechanics. There is a wide array of articles regarding cars and engines, and we have a lot on this site, which can help you learn more as well –

    So, if you need an engine and are unable to locate the right one, you might want to give us a shout. The best way to locate what you are looking for, though, is to call us. Talking to us directly will make is easier to serve you better and faster. We understand that each customer has diverse needs, diverse incomes and needs different pricing, diverse comprehension regarding automobile motors, and, ultimately, diverse automobiles.

    To serve you faster and better, it is important to have a VIN #, the make/model of the vehicle, and the year of the automobile. That information will help us find your engine a lot quicker. Also, if you have additional questions or concerns, we encourage you to discuss the with us.

    Do you have any question or concerns? We can help you!

    Do you have vehicle issues? We have what you need!

    We can also help you with the decision-making if you need us to. Our team does their best to provide the most thorough answers to your questions and provides you with useful information, in a respective and understanding manner. Our staff members are not pushy either. You are not under any obligation to purchase parts or engines from us. We understand that some folks might not be prepared to make a purchase and make a decision right away.

    When Our Office is Closed

    We are an American-based company and we like to offer our employees reasonable work schedules, which helps they be positive, helpful and polite customer service representatives. Our normal business hours are set on Mountain Standard Time (Arizona), and we open at 9:00 AM and close at 6:00 PM – Monday thru Thursday. On Friday, we close at 6:30 PM (EST). Since our business has expanded, we now offer customer service on Saturdays, from 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM.

    However, if you contact us right before we are ready close for the day and you have questions or concerns that cannot wait, we are more than happy to answer your questions/concerns or look for an engine and stay on the line until we have completely taken care of your automotive needs.

    If we are not available, after business hours, you can visit our website and fill out the online form to get a quote. Simply fill in the details, like your first and last name, e-mail address and some details regarding your automobile and we will start searching for your engine as quickly as possible. We will call you, or e-mail you, as speedily as possible, just as soon as we receive a quote for you. Please feel free to check in on the status of your quote the next day when we are open for business again. We can instantly obtain your file and give you the price on your used or rebuilt motor in a moment or so.

    Engines that Might be Tough to Find

    Are you having a tough time locating the engine or classic motor you need? Please contact us.

    Our specialty is locating tough to locate engines, as well as used auto parts, for any type of vehicle, diesel truck or classic car. We carry a wide-ranging selection of diesel motors, foreign motors, and even engines for biodiesel and hybrid automobiles. We can additionally locate motors for turnkey crate vehicles and motors that have been discontinued, like: early model automobiles, pickups, vans, and motorbikes.

    If you need other parts or automotive products, we also have a wide-ranging database of transmissions, replacement pistons, cam bearings, oil pumps, rings, and so forth. We are here for all your auto repairs or rebuilds.

    We Consider Ourselves at Markup Busters!

    We, at, realize completely that we are not the sole business that can locate used or rebuilt, high-quality, engines. However, we believe that we are very proficient in this field and have the most reasonable pricing, not to mention -- we have or find the best warrantees and have excellent customer service. Most businesses might go into operation simply for profit, but we are not only in it for that reason. We truly care about our customers and their satisfaction!

    Typically, when you take your vehicle to your mechanic and get that unwanted diagnoses – that it is the motor in your car – you might only have limited choices to resolve the issue(s). When you auto repair guy or gal realizes that it is the engine, you have a few alternatives.

    The costliest alternative and simplest choice might be for you to purchase a new vehicle. You might be able to do a trade-in with an automobile sales company, but the money you receive for a trade-in is generally not a good of a deal as you would want – particularly because the rest of your vehicle’s parts might be in excellent shape.

    Another alternative a mechanic might offer when your car or truck has engine problems is an in-house motor. That sometimes might be a good alternative, providing your auto repair person offers a decent price and is proficient in his or her repairs. However, it has been our experience that only a few shops exist that have in-house engines readily available, and they might cost you more money and time. We have years of experience locating automotive engines and have knowledge and training many garages lack.

    In most situations, shops source out work to other shops. When that situation arises, you could pay even more money. And having more than one party involved could be more stressful. Also, the motor you get for your vehicle might not be as workable as you are told, and you might not even know where it came from or the history about the engine, etc.

    Here, at, you have a One-Stop shop and we do all the work for you, finding the exact engines you need, and more.

    As we have mentioned, we specialize in locating automotive engines – and, one our sister site, we locate transmissions. No matter what the make or model of your vehicle is, we an find the right motor for you! We have a wide-ranging database and deal with many parts distributors as well. Whereas, a mechanic usually needs to call numerous people to locate parts and does not usually have any kind of database to use.

    After we find the precise engine you are looking for, at a reasonable cost, we can get it shipped out to you promptly and wherever you need it shipped! So, it is a win-win situation – you get a workable engine – with a warrantee, at a reasonable price, and your mechanic does not need to call everywhere, even junkyards, trying to find the right motor for you. Some mechanics have connected with us already, so if your mechanic has worked with us previously, that would be an advantage to you.

    Workable Engines – Reasonable Pricing – Warrantees

    If you are looking for a lower-priced automobile engine, for a truck, van, car, motorcycle, or other type of vehicle, you have come to the right place. At, we assist individuals and businesses with locating motors for numerous types of motorized vehicles -- every day! Contact us for a free quote today, and we will get you all set up and ready to go.

    Engine History Stats

    Each kind of engine differs in some way. We price our used and rebuilt motors according to the history of each one, and according to all the details we receive about each motor. That is why the history reports are very important too.

    In addition to that, we suggest adding in every expense, not only the purchase price of your used or remanufactured motor, but the cost of having it installed as well. You could get an estimate for installing the engine through your mechanic. Then, you will have an idea of the total cost to replace your vehicle’s engine ahead of time.

    Remember, if you have any issues with the engine you buy from us, contact us and we will make sure any warrantee is honored. If a company does not offer a money back promise, we will let you know. We try to locate engines with warrantees though. We, at, work diligently until our customers are completely happy with our company and their purchase(s)!