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Used and Rebuilt Transfer Cases for Sale

Used Transfer Case: Transfer case may be defined as an important part of any four wheel drive system found in most of the vehicles. This part is connected to the gearbox or the transmission as well as to the front and the rear axles of the wheels with the help of drive shafts. The transfer case of the vehicle is also known as transfer gear case, transfer gearbox, transfer box or hockey box based on the locality.

Four wheel drive system is also referred to as all wheel drive. It is a four wheeled vehicle which consists of a powertrain or drivetrain that in turn helps to transfer the torque from the engine to all the four wheels at the same time. The drivetrain can be defined as the set of components in a vehicle that helps to generate power. This consists of components like the engine, transmission, drive shafts, differentials and final drive.

The main function of the transfer case is to direct the power to both the front and rear axles. The input for the transfer case is got from the transmission directly. This is because; the power that is produced from the engine reaches the transfer case only through this transmission. Then the transfer case can direct the power to either the rear wheels or both the front and the back wheels. The above mentioned process is achieved inside the transfer case with the help of chains or with gears. In general, four wheel drive vehicles have two gear ranges which are called as high range and low range.

The transfer case works in the following way. When the power from the transmission is inputted to the transfer case and if the gear range is selected to be of high range, then it makes use of maximum gear ratio. Then it is upon the driver to select the different drive mode for the transfer case. The different modes are 2 wheel drive mode (2WD mode), 4 wheel drive high mode (4-hi mode) and 4 wheel drive low mode (4-lo mode).

If the 2WD mode is chosen by the driver, power is shifted to the rear wheel alone. Or if 4-hi mode is selected, the front drive shaft is also employed which helps to transfers power to both front and rear wheels. If the 4-lo mode is selected, the power is directed to both the front and back wheels, but the second gear ratio is used. This mode is used in case of driving on steep hills.

The transfer case parts include, transfer case bearing and the transfer case output shaft seal. These parts inside the transfer case are also like the other mechanical parts and they also have to be maintained or replaced on a regular basis. This in turn helps maintain the performance of the entire vehicle.

As long as the component works perfectly, there is no issue in using used transfer cases for your car or truck. You can buy any type of used transfer case, transfer case hard parts, transfer case kits and more here at can easily select from our wide range of products that include, Jeep grand Cherokee transfer cases, ford transfer case linkages and Dodge transfer cases